InfiIoT : a Platform as a Service for industrial IoT

Securely monitor and control industrial equipment and optimize operations with a code-less machine learning service.

InfiIoT - A Platform as a Service for industrial IoT


Monitor and control devices

Remotely monitor and control distributed devices in almost real-time.

Secure by design

Blockchain and smart contracts protect data and InfiWatch precisely monitors and alerts vulnerabilities.

Optimize operation

Detect hidden faults and predict failures beforehand using machine learning methods.

Scalable and efficient

Connect/disconnect any device at any moment and pay as you go.

Support 5G and LTE

Connect distant devices by 5G or LTE SIM Cards.

Easy integrate into services

Easily integrate external services into the InfiIoT via APIs.

Secure by Blockchain

InfiIoT has been designed based on blockchain and smart contracts to securely connect users to devices, encrypt data very strongly, protect devices against cyberattacks, and make the platform highly available. Moreover, InfiWatch is a monitoring and alerting service that monitors transactions in real-time and notifies through SMS and Email.

Secure by Blockchain


InfiTelligence service provides a code-less interface for drawing machine learning and rule engine flows.
Any kind of data processing can be designed easily by drag and drop. Predictive maintenance is a sample use case that processes historical data and predicts the faulty status of devices at the moment or in the future.