Building Management

Optimize HVACs

How it works?

With Infilock, building managers can monitor and control HVACs remotely and predict failures in advance


6 Reasons for choosing Infilock

Secure HVAC management

Monitor and control HVACs securely from anywhere.

No cabling, No server

Connect HVACs to cloud using 4G/LTE/5G networks and independent of BMSs.

Predict failures without historical data

Use pre-trained models for detecting hidden faults in real-time and predicting failures without historical data.

Optimize predictive maintenance

Easily customize predictive maintenance per customer by a drag and drop interface.


In case of failure, an SMS and email alert with the root cause of failures are sent to building managers.

Easy integration

You can integrate your devices into any services (e.g., BI and ERP) via APIs.

Infilock for building managers

Building managers:

  • easily monitor HVACs.
  • securely control temperature, fan speed, air quality, and etc. from anywhere.
  • can predict hidden HVAC failures that provides enough time to schedule repairs.
  • do not need to invest in BMS or pay for BMS maintenance. Infilock maintains and updates HVAC services and data at no additional cost.
  • can install an InfiConnector and subscribe for services. They can replace Infilock with any alternative services free of charge and with no side effects.
  • can integrate Infilock’s services with energy management, ERP, asset management and other external services.

Infilock for repair companies

Building managers and repair companies are automatically notified of faults and possible causes by Infilock. Repair companies can schedule appointments to inspect and repair HVACs.

Infilock for residents/customers

By Infilock, facility managers can make buildings (e.g., shoping centers, restaurants, residential and commercial buildings, etc) comfort. They can simply control building temperature at any moment and keep air quality of buildings in the highest level.


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