IoT solution for realtime
Power Outage Detection

Learn how our IoT can detect outages

With our IoT platform and CT Sensors, you can monitor local electricity power transmition, recognize outage locations and prioritize restoration.


6 Reasons for choosing Infilock

Realtime Detection

Recognize outage in local distribution networks and alert

Network visibility

Monitor and visualize local distribution network cabling

Easy Integration

Integrate to external systems by APIs

Resistant Sensors

Resistant to water and harsh weathers


Install independent of distributor's systems

Secure & Inexpensive

Secure using blockchain and SIEM. Save cost by an efficient design

Infilock for LDCs

By using Infilock, Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) no longer need to randomly send crews to assess a restoration and no longer depend on customers to report outages. Infilock visualizes the transmission network and detects outages in real-time. Data is provided via Restful and Websocket APIs. Distributors can easily integrate systems into our IoT platform using APIs and run an optimization service for intelligent restoration prioritization. With Infilock, they save money and time.


Infilock for residents

Extreme weather is a common cause of electricity outages, which mostly occur in the winter. Residents who live in small towns or surrounding areas are at risk because many of their appliances are electrical and outages are often difficult to restore. By using Infilock, people no longer have to wait long for restoration of power, we speed up the process and return power to homes.

Infilock for ISOs

With Infilock IoT, independent system operators (ISOs) can manage demand and supply intelligently in a less granular fashion than Zonal energy markets. ISOs can accurately predict demand by estimating restoration times and the amount of load that sharply stresses grid networks. In addition, they can estimate energy waste in an area based on load positions and optimize transmission costs.


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