Energy Management

Manage Energy Demand and

How it works?

With Infilock, energy management companies can monitor and control DERs remotely and securely, and develop AI solutions for optimization and sustainability


6 Reasons for choosing Infilock

Easy DERs management

Monitor and control distributed energy resources (DERs) from anywhere.

Straightforward prototyping

Generate customized dashboards and control panels in a minute.

Support DERs

Connect batteries, PVs, wind turbines, generators, and other DERs using industrial protocols (Modbus, OPC UA, BACnet).

High secure and reliable

Improve the security and reliability using Blockchain and data encryption techniques.


Manage thousands of DERs in a single but distributed platform.

Easy integration

Integrate the IIoT platform into any services (e.g., DERMs, BESSs, BMSs, BASs) via APIs.

Infilock for energy managers

Energy managers can:

  • integrate a variety of DERs wirelessly.
  • monitor and control DERs in power grids and microgrids.
  • monitor behind-the-meter energy consumption.
  • prototype sub-metering and net-metering in a few hours.
  • schedule DERs' operations in advance.
  • integrate the IIoT into energy, DER or sustainability management systems.

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